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Understanding the Benefits of Consuming Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles (2000mg)

Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles (2000mg) are the perfect mix of fun and function. These delicious gummies are infused with 2000mg of shroom extract, making them a great way to enjoy the natural benefits of mushrooms without having to worry about the taste. The individual gummies can be easily separated into four 500mg pieces, allowing you to customize your dose as needed. Eating one or two at a time is recommended for those who are just starting out with mushrooms or looking for a milder effect. For those looking for stronger effects, consuming three or four gummies at once is suggested. Either way, these yummy treats can provide you with hours of relaxation and relief.


2000mg Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles

Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles are a delicious and easy way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. Each gummy contains 2000 mg of pure psilocybin, carefully infused into a gluten-free and vegan-friendly gummy block. Enjoy the variety of fruity flavors and reap the health benefits, such as stress relief, anxiety reduction and improved focus. Plus, these edibles are discreet, so you can enjoy them anywhere. Get ready for a truly unique experience with Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles!

Effects and Benefits of Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles (2000mg)

INfinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles (2000mg) are the perfect solution for those who want to experience the positive effects of shrooms without any of the negative side effects. Formulated with 2000mg of high-grade shroom extract, these gummies provide a powerful dose of active compounds, such as psilocybin, that can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. They also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to boost overall health and wellbeing. Enjoy a delicious fruity flavor and an uplifting effect with INfinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles (2000mg).

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Our Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles (2000mg) are now on promotion! Enjoy the delicious taste of these edibles and the therapeutic benefits of 2000mg of shroom infusion. These gummies offer a convenient and easy way to get your daily dose of shrooms and with our promotion, you can now get them at an even better price!


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48 reviews for Buy 2000mg Infinite Rx Shroom Infused Block Gummies Edibles |

  1. Andy

    Fast and effective.

  2. Andy

    Easy on the stomach and fast acting!

  3. Josh W.

    Haven’t tried them yet. Shipping was fast.

  4. Andy

    Great experience and easy on the stomach

  5. Jennifer v.

    Again, really great!

  6. Neil S.

    Quality product, quick delivery, hassle-free payment.

  7. Anonymous

    Tastes awesome, easy to eat smaller portions

  8. Anonymous

    Amazing product and great Canadian company to deal with, A+

  9. Ronny

    Taste great and work well! Easy to cut in half for less dose too.

  10. Anonymous

    Arrived quickly, havent tried yet. They look good though.

  11. Paul H.


  12. Kosu B.

    Yummy…great way to experiment with different doses as a newbie

  13. Devon S.

    These has great flavour

  14. Anonymous

    O lalala. Amazing

  15. Andy

    Just the trick

  16. Anonymous

    They were tasty and hit the mark

  17. Anonymous

    Sadly no effects at all for me. I will try the stronger ones next time.

  18. James M.

    mellow and steady

  19. Anonymous

    Tastes great

  20. Ronny

    Beyond amazing. Tasty gummies that work well!

  21. Bruce F.

    Perfect dose , and tasty!!

  22. Jolene

    I tried the gummies for the first time, and they didnt affect me like straight shrooms. I took 1 gummie and felt the affects, but just felt more quiet and relaxed at a high level. I wasnt very talkative, but could have been other factors. Will try again soon. 1/2 a gummie did nothing, and I only do shrooms maybe 4-5 times a year.

  23. Anonymous


  24. Keith Brown

    Took one at a concert, it was perfect for that environment .

  25. Anonymous

    arrived melted, not sure if was weak due to the heat or if the microdose was underwhelming to me. I’ll would go the actual shrooms instead of the infused gummies

  26. Paul H.


  27. Robert R.


  28. Michele

    I had never tried these so I am glad I did. They were good but personally I prefer mushrooms. These are perfect for beginners looking to microdose.

  29. Anonymous

    A bit of a delay time but great overall

  30. Anonymous

    Good stuff

  31. Aaron

    Best bang for your buck!

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous

    Super fast shipping.

  34. James M.

    tasty snack.

  35. Gregory I.

    Extremely satisfied. I be calling back again ,thank gib so much!

  36. Anonymous

    This my favourite one. Top notch!

  37. Andrew R.

    Excellent product and fantastic service

  38. Paul H.

    Personally it’s my early evening start off.. goes a touch further but not too far. Highly recommend.

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